Sunday, November 8, 2009

So that's where Nicky was getting all of those beads from...
Two trashy hot girls lurking in the that works for me even when it's not Halloween.
Wow--I didn't even know "The Sound of Music" was in town.
This shot reminds me...Johnny White's really needs to get their old band back. The current one is just dead.
This is how they pick up women in the gay block.
Frankenstein and Mrs. Stein. Call me Old School, but I'm liking this one.
Run fast! That's a guy!And as a last resort, throw him a zombie and tell him to "say cheese".
Matching weird guys!
His glazed eyes and vacant stare suggest that he's about as fucked up as a football bat. And it's not even Eight O'Clock yet. Pathetic...
Dude--first off, I think that's a chick's outfit. Secondly, way to make sure that no one can see past you. You must have been real popular on the streetcar.
OK, WTF?! Even without the nun, that's just wrong.
Two homicidal clowns and Sharon Osbourne?
Dick Tracy drinking with a cowboy.
The costumes are interesting if non-specific, but they're drinking, and that's the important part.
Hey look--Indians. With a blonde scalp. And cans of Bud Light.

Friday, November 6, 2009

What the Hell are you pointing at? I'm not the one pretending to be something out of a children's story.
Cajun Cabin. Great place.
Admittedly not much of a costume, but she still looks good in it. A bit more enthusiasm would have been better, though.
Her hotness almost cancels out her boyfriend's dorkiness. A dog suit? Seriously?
The most memorable thing about this gal was that I ran into her in a bar in the Marigny the next morning...and she was still in costume!
Damn! All these Superheroines...Next year I've gotta be Lex Luthor or the Joker.
Ladies...FYI for next year...Skin is in. And Slimfast for a few weeks beforehand is never a bad idea.
Not sure what headband girl is supposed to be, but they both still meet with my approval so it's all good.
Sometimes you just have to sit back and enjoy the scenery. I'm thinking that this is one of those times.
If she's rich and mute, she could well be my dream girl.
Red here proves that hanging out with an ugly friend only makes you look that much hotter.
Where's Waldo? I got yer fucking Waldo right fact, here's a lifetime supply of Waldoes!These Asian kids really know how to let it all hang out, don't they?
Well hello there!
I really just wanted a shot of the Bourbon Street sign, but blue-haired mermaids are kinds cool too.
Looks like Raggedy Ann finally ditched her pathetic boyfriend...either that or she sent him to the store to buy her some feminine hygiene products while she's hanging out with this bumble bee. (He's not even in this pic and he's still a loser...) But the jail inmate in the background seems to be taking care of business.
This girl was voted "most likely to go home alone". A year to plan and a carton of milk was the best idea you could come up with? What's wrong with lingerie and a mask like the cool girls are all wearing?
Freddie Kruger and...Dennis Rodman?
Again, some people look waaay too comfortable in their costumes to claim that they only dress like this once a year.
Not really sexy--just photographed because she was trashed and getting ready to barf and it wasn't even 9pm yet. Some people...
That had to be one hell of a catfight. Anyone got the video?
A ghostbuster and something sliver. Not sure what, but last time I saw that much mylar, it came with a Goodyear logo on it and it was hovering over the ball game. And the hippies were way too clean to be real hippies.
Pogo the clown, aka: John Wayne Gacy. Yeah, that's not creepy. I'm guessing the costume shop must have been out of Hitler mustaches.
WTF was that x3?
Cute and enthusiastic, but clearly has no idea how that mask is supposed to work.
"Look out below!" Pirates on the balcony are tossing lots of stuff down.
Freaks and Fairies...someone tell the chick in the shirt dress to turn around so we can check her out.
Alcohol: It makes ugly chicks think that people want to see them topless. And this one just kept turning up everywhere we went. Did I do something bad in a past life?
Something tells me're not in Kansas anymore, Toto.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Some things are so hot that they don't even need captioning.
The first two are decent. The guy in scrubs is just lame.
Ya know, if I was Catholic, I'd be offended by this. But I'm not, so it's pretty good. The Huge Ass Beer is a nice touch.